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Gay people are people who knowledge romantic and sexual fascination to multiple gender. They can also be bisexual, bisexual or transgender (TGBT).

There are many techniques to name with the gay and lesbian community, including as a directly person who observation and really loves LGBTQ persons. You can also certainly be a supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ community by being start and genuine about your private sexual orientation or perhaps identity.

The gay and lesbian community contains a long great fighting with regards to equality. Even though the movement has come a long way, you can still find many barriers for LGBTQ people.

Homophobia is the detrimental attitudes and behaviors directed to gay people, and it is the fundamental of most anti-LGBT policies all over the world. This includes splendour against LGBTQ persons in high schools, workplaces, and government agencies.

Hard-line anti-gay activists go on to peddle a number of harmful myths about gay and lesbian people that have no scientific basis, but are widely approved by the press and consumer. They range from the unsubstantiated claim that homosexuality is definitely an «illness, » as well as the unfounded claim that gay men molest children more than heterosexuals.

They are also committed to a reflexive belief that same-sex parenting is poor for children. While some research has shown that same-sex raising a child could cause problems in young children, the evidence does not establish that must be any worse than any other family-based parenting units.

The ultimate way to fight homophobia is by being supporter and advocate pertaining to the LGBTQ movement, including your own intimate orientation or identity. GLSEN can help you do this.


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